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Fethiye - Rodos



Meeting at Fethiye marina V-GO office at 8 o'clock in the morning. Departing to the island of Rhodes by ferry, after a 90-minute journey, we arrive at the island of Rhodes. After we leave your belongings to our yacht, we give time until 17:00 to visit the Rhodes castle and city on the island of Rhodes. We meet on the boat at 17:00. After our guide gives the necessary information about the tour, we settle on the yacht. Dinner and overnight will be on the yacht.

After formalities and fuel purchase, we are moving to Symi between 10:00 and 13:00. Among the 12 islands, it is the most beautiful island in Greece.

Today we will have time to swim in Nanou Bay. Then we continue to Symi port at 16:00. Please have your camera ready as we will be traveling through the beautiful Greek villages.

Your dinner will be on the boat, if you want to have dinner on the beach, please inform the captain in advance. All the taverns of the Symi beach are beautiful and inviting, so the captain will understand your choice. Dinner and overnight.

Today we leave Symi port between 09:00 and 10:00 after breakfast. We will stop for lunch and then swim and relax in the beautiful St-George bay around the island. After that, at 16:00, we are heading south of Symi towards Panormitis. You can visit the monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis. The Greek Orthodox church was built at the beginning of the 18th century, monks still live inside the monastery. Depending on the weather conditions, we can spend time in Pedi instead of Panormitis. It has visitors from all over the world and many Greek people make donations every year. Loud music is prohibited here. Dinner and overnight.


Today, we will move to Tilos between 09:00 and 10:00 after breakfast. Tilos is surrounded by high rocky mountains, steep beaches, transparent waters and caves. We will spend the day in Takrogiali bay. We will enter the port of Tilos at 16:00, you can spend time in the small town inside, there is the abandoned village of Mikro Chorio in the center of the island, you can go to have a drink at the bar. (accessible by taxi or bus) Dinner and overnight.

Today we will sail to the beautiful islands of Chalki, northwest of Rhodes. Depending on the weather conditions, we can sail before or after breakfast (06:00 to 10:00 in the morning). It is a right place for more calm and special times. The most famous part of Chalki is its beautiful beaches. We will enjoy the day in Trakhia bay or another bay. We are moving towards Nimporia around 16:00 in the afternoon. The island's only port. There are cafes and taverns lined up on the beach of Nimporia. The church is worth seeing. The ritual time is between 19:30 and 20:00. Dinner and overnight.

Today we are heading for Rhodes island early. Depending on the weather conditions, breakfast will be on the way or at Anthony Quinn bay. "Balls of Navaron" was named after Anthony Quinn bought a part of this island during the filming of the movie. Then we continue to Kalithea beach to spend the rest of the day. Dinner and overnight.

Today our road will be towards the New Marina in Rhodes between 09:00 and 10:00 in the morning. We will spend free time by visiting the medieval city, which is the world heritage of Unesco. Dinner and overnight in Rhodes harbor.

Enjoy the last delicious Mediterranean breakfast. Your blue voyage is over. Leaving the boat at 09:00.


* In bad weather or sea conditions, the program will be changed without any warning.

Rhodes, Tilos, Simi, -Panormitis, Chalki


Accommodation on the gulet, crew, fuel, port fees, document registration, cleaning service, use of standard yacht equipment, including meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and water during dinner).
Soft drinks (cola, lemonade, fruit juice, mineral water, bottled water 10:00 - 22:00).
Alcoholic beverages (Ouzo, wine, beer 12: 00-22: 00) (Beverage services are made by glass and staff presentation) (Customers can bring their own drinks on board). (The captain has the authority to suspend alcohol service when the alcohol limit is exceeded).
Clean bed linen and bath towels on arrival. Yacht insurance. The air conditioner works between (08: 00-09: 00 - 13: 00-14: 00--18: 00-20: 00-22: 00-00: 00).



Crew tip of 5% per person, entrance fees, land tours and personal expenses. Please bring your beach towels with you to use on deck. Travelers must have their own travel insurance. Flight, airport and other transfer fees are not included. WIFI is available from 08:00 to 09:00 and from 18:00 to 19:00. WIFI is not included in the price, but this is a V-GO's privilege to you (as long as the conditions apply)


The travel route is provided for general information only. The direction of the tour can be changed by the captain without any prior information, depending on weather conditions, local legislation and sea conditions. The visiting hours of the above program have changed.
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DAY 1- Marina

Welcoming our guests from the Marina (Antalya or Kemer). Dinner and overnight in the Marina or in a nearby bay.

Day 2 Olympos
Departure after breakfast. Lunch and overnight stay in Olympos in Adrasan bay.

Day 3 Demre Çayağızı
Departure early in the morning. Optional extra Demre Myra (Santa Claus) tour opportunity in Çayağzı bay. Dinner and overnight stay in Gökkaya.

Optional extra Saklıkent tour (full day with lunch) after breakfast.
Overnight in Kekova.

Day 5 Simena
After breakfast, from the Sunken City, Simena and overnight in Kekova.

Day 6 Porto Ceneviz
Depart for Porto Ceneviz after breakfast. Dinner and overnight stay in Phaselis bay.

Day 7 Marina
Possibility to visit Phaselis in the morning, a swimming break. Arrival at the Marina (Antalya or Kemer) in the afternoon or overnight in a nearby bay.

Day 8 Transfer
Leaving the boat after breakfast.



- Entrance fees for visits to the ruins belong to the passenger. Drinks are subject to Extract.

- In bad weather or sea conditions, the program will be changed without any warning.

Periods Per Person, Weekly, Full Board

Term1 2150 TL 10.04. - 30.04.

Period2 2500 TL 01.05. - 21.05. // 16.10. - 25.10.

Term3 3200 TL 22.05. - 25.06. // 02.10. - 15.10.

Period4 3800 TL 26.06. - 23.07. // 04.09. - 01.10.

Period5 4600 TL 24.07. - 03.09.

- Prices are prepared on the basis of 1 person, 1 week full board accommodation in a 2-person cabin and are in TL.

- Single Supplement is 60%.

- Children under the age of 12 are not accepted in the program and no discount is applied for children.


Please feel free to contact us by email or phone. We will be happy to explain everything to you.

>> To get a quote <<

For privacy reasons, pay attention to the following:
By using e-mail, you agree to us with your e-mail address and personal information. We guarantee that the information sent by this e-mail will remain confidential and confidential. We can only send you information about promotions and current information.

Air conditioning working hours are 1 hour after lunch, 1 hour before dinner, and 4 hours at night.
Full Board accommodation: Breakfast, lunch, 5 o'clock tea-cake service and dinner.
Port charges and exit procedures.
Shipping agency expenses for voyage document and necessary procedures.
Mooring fees.
Crew service.
Drinking water.
Diesel and gasoline costs are included in the price.
Supply of clean bedding sets and towels in sizes 50X70 is included in the price. (Sea towels are not provided.)
Free use of equipment on the yacht (mask, flippers, snorkel, fishing gear, etc.).
Yacht insurance (We recommend that you take out your personal travel insurance.)

Alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks and bottled water; It is purchased from the Yacht Bar for the price.

The entrance fees of the ruins on the tour route, museum entries and optional land tours.

Airport transfers.



Transfer to the boat at Fethiye Harbor, at the junction point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. 17:00
Fethiye Harbor is a frequent destination for yacht lovers with many beautiful bays and islands around. Arrival to the ship, dinner and accommodation in Fethiye.

In case all of the guests come to the boat, overnight stay in the nearby beady or Şamanlık bay.

Day 2
After breakfast, we move to Butterfly Valley.
If the sea conditions allow, we will visit Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz.
Go at night, where we'll explore the Byzantine ruins at sunset, at St. We will spend it on Nicholas Island.

Day 3
Departure to the quiet cove Yeşilköy surrounded by olive trees for breakfast and swimming.
Then we will spend the night in the small port town with a charming bohemian atmosphere just outside Kas.

Day 4
Before breakfast, we move to Kekova bays. We give breakfast and swimming break in Tersane Bay. Climb to Simena castle for a magnificent view of the ancient city.
Outside of the village, there is an enormous Lycian sarcophagus, the bottom of which is placed in the water and carved into a rock.
We will spend the night in a large bay near Uçağaz surrounded by green hills.

Day 5
The ruins of Kekova on the Mediterranean coast and our journey to the Sunken City, we visit the sunken city from the edge of the island of Kekova, where some of the Byzantine and Roman remains are in the water.

Departure to Gökkaya to spend the night. Our guests who wish can have fun in the makeshift Sumagglers inn bar, which can only be accessed by boat to enjoy the night.

Day 6
Short trip to the sheltered bay in Bayındır Harbor and swimming after breakfast.
We will be able to tour the Patara beach or the ruins of Xanthos and Letoon or spend the rest of the day in the cobblestone pictorial port city Kalkan.

Day 7
We will start the day in Çamlı Burun, which is covered with pine trees and spend our last night in Sunken Kaya Bay.
You can spare the remaining time of this day for rest and swimming.

Day 8
Return to Fethiye Harbor. and leave the boat around 09:00.


* In bad weather or sea conditions, the program will be changed without any warning.

* Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch).
* Fuel, port fees, utility water, service.
* Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkel, goggles, fishing line.
* Our guests can bring things such as snacks, fruit, yoghurt, nuts, chocolate. (These are not sold on the boat.)
* Clean sheets and bath towels.
* Yacht insurance. (We recommend that you take out your own travel insurance.)


* All drinks, including water, are sold on the boat at affordable prices.
* Please do not bring your own drinks to the boat.
* Please bring your own towels.
* Entrance fee to archaeological sites and national parks.
* Crew tip (5%) is not included in price.
* Optional land tours and ruins, diving fees.


A crewed yacht charter tour means chartering a yacht with the captain and the crew of the boat for a specific period (usually 1 or 2 weeks). You can determine the routes, you can create a route with our captain.

Gulet tour yacht charter alternatives are motor yachts, standard yacht, air-conditioned, comfortable yachts and lux yachts, and you can enjoy the blue cruise on different routes we have prepared for you.

Yacht rental fee does not include meals and drinks, but includes the preparation and service of the yacht for the tour You can bring your own provisions or leave these jobs to us by paying full board yacht fee instead of dealing with them under the sun.

Charter yacht tours are advantageous in every respect for family or friends who want to go on a private tour with the right to use the entire yacht.

It is also an excellent choice for corporate events such as tours, training, team building, seminars, board meetings, conferences and marketing activities with one or more of our yachts.

You can view our boats for unforgettable blue cruise gulet boat tours, and contact us by filling out the request form. Travel & Yachting yachting guarantees to provide you the best service.



Sailing Yachts


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Everyone can experience the romance of sea adventures today. You don't have to buy an expensive yacht for this. It is enough just to rent it. This can be done from virtually anywhere in the world where the necessary infrastructure is available. You just have to decide on the route and type of rental. We offer from one-day to multi-day tours on a private sailing or motor yacht. A team of experienced crew will take care of everything, which will make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Turkey has excellent conditions for sea travel. Renting and charter of yachts will allow you to go around all corners of this country, which is washed by almost four seas - the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black and Marmara. The coastline of Turkey stretches for 8400 km, has many bays, coves and landscaped marinas, which allows you to stop for a vacation at any time.

Our goal is to always meet the highest standards for our guests. Regardless of whether you create your own group of friends, determine your own itinerary or choose one of the programs, or rent a cabin with our guests who come to travel to Turkey from around the world. we offer a unique romantic azure sailing trip between sea and sky.


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